Blood a.k.a. Lava

A Blood-Like Substance Arises From Under The Earth In The Jordan River Valley

   Outside The City Of Jerusalem    

And the angel thrust with intense violence, his gathering hook and sickle for harvesting, into the earth and gathered the vine and vintage of the earth and cast and threw it into the great trough, wine-vat and winepress of the fierce indignation and wrath of Deity; the very exceeding great God. And the great trough, wine-vat and winepress was trodden without the city and a blood-like substance came out of the winepress, even up to the horse bridle-bits, by the space of a thousand and six hundred furlongs. (1,600 furlongs times, 606.75 Greek feet, divided by 5,280 English feet, equals 183.86 miles). Revelation 14:19-20.

The following are some links to help you understand how this will be Volcanic Basalt Plain that will open up and become filled with Volcanic Lava or Magma from beneath the crust of the earth. It will not be human blood… It will have a color similar to human blood, but it will be Magma from below or/else Lava on the surface of the earth…

01.   Volcano Lava

02. Lava

03. Magma

04. Earth Lava Core

05. Magma Chamber

06. Volcanic Chamber

07. Volcanic Basalt Plains